2016 Food Menu

Mrs. Murphy's & Sons Irish Bistro
- Corned beef sandwich
- Irish stew
- Potato leek soup

Jack's Fork in the Road
- Pork Loin sandwich with prosciutto, apple slaw and fig jam
- Buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese slaw, onion rings and Truck made fire sauce
- Smoked turkey, cranberry relish, havarti cheese, fried sage, herb mayo
- Kids grilled cheese
- Mac n cheese
- Fries

Dinky Donuts - Hot and fresh Dinky Donuts

2016 Drink Menu

- Guinness
- Guinness Blonde
- Guinness Rye Pale Ale
- Harp
- Smithwick's
- Coffee
- Hot Chocolate
* Irish up your coffee or hot chocolate with Irish whiskey or Irish cream liqueur
- Irish Tea
- Bottled Water